For years, Border Collies have been working for and alongside their owners as the ultimate herding dog.

Undisputed in herding, agility and intelligence, they have always been an irreplaceable help in herding livestock on inaccessible terrain in all weather conditions. Border Collies possess an “eye” for contact with which they literally hypnotize sheep while they approach them with a lowered stance, instinctively doing what is expected of them. With their unmatched combination of agility and intelligence they displace their dominance in multiple canine sports such as agility, frisbee, flyball, street, dancing et cetera. 

Regardless of the purpose, whether for work or just an active member of the family, they will always be, first and foremost man’s best friend, with a great desire to please their owners.


Border collies are rightly ranked first in intelligence.

They learn very quickly and can learn very amazing things, and do so much faster than any other dog breed in the world. Like other dog breeds, they require a lot of activity, exercise and dedications. They are especially motivated and enjoy learning new tricks. They are very obedient, easily guided, maximally focused on the owner while following his every move and often predicting very accurately what is expected of them. They must be stimulated both mentally and physically because they are able to pick up bad habits if left alone


Border Collies are active and energetic dogs with great endurance. They can’t stand boredom and relish in new challenges. Correct training and socialization from the very beginning is a necessity, whereas the absence of physical and mental stimulation  must not occur. Border Collies are happiest when there is a task that needs to be completed. Their biggest desire is to please you, the concentration and obedience which they approach their tasks will leave you breathless.