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Frequently Asked Questions

We are the first border collie kennel in Macedonia whose first litter is due January 2021. 

Both parents have been tested thoroughly, cleared through parentage and individually.

The parents have been tested for and are clear of: IGS, TNS, NCL, GG, SN, MDR1, RAINE SYNDROME, CEA, CL, ED and OCD.

Yes, by the time you take them home the puppies will be vaccinated twice and will be regularly cleaned of any and all parasites.

Yes, we provide both a health guarantee and a contract with multiple terms that protect both us, you and most importantly the puppies.

The puppies must remain with their mother for at least 8-10 weeks until they can be safely separated.

All of our requirements are stated in the contract, and they must be followed to the letter.

We make sure to sell the puppies to a good home that will love and raise them correctly, we do not allow the puppies to be breed before they are of a safe age of 2 if they are female, nor do we allow them to be breed without proper credentials.

We don’t allow the dogs to be gifted away unless we specifically allow for it and under no circumstances do we allow the dogs to be left on the street.

All these terms are to ensure the puppies live a good and happy life.